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Aquaculture & Marine


ASAKUA Fish Farming Cages


Asakua offering all necessary parts of plastic made fish farm cages including uniqe designed injection brackets which are manufacturing by Asakua in house.  

ASAKUA Balık Kafesi


Asakua is a supplier who is delivering a plastic cage system to fish farmers as turnkey projects. Technical team of Asakua has experienced figures thanks to the international projects realized in the past and recent days.

Balık Kafesi İmalatı


Flexible plastic cages that are made from raw materials especially suited the dynamic loads of the sea are considered a well-proven concept for extreme conditions.

ASAKUA Balık Çiftliği


Extensive use of strong and high-quality polyethylene material in cage brackets eliminates corrosion, minimizes expensive and difficult maintenance, and substantially increases the cage lifespan compared to steel brackets.

ASAKUA Balık Kafesi Montajı


Asakua manufacturing, delivering and commissioning the offshore fish cages worldwide since 2009 with experienced technicians. 

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