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Aquaculture & Marine


Plastic Mooring Buoys

Plastic Buoys

Asakua offering buoys with the plastic body as a useful and economical solution for offshore setups. By use of UV stabilized virgin polyethylene raw material, buoys re protected from the harmful solar rays and so that they become robust in harsh environmental conditions.

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Buoys that are produced with a rotationally-molded system come with different volumes and dimensions according to their appearance and characteristics.

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The whole internal cavity of the buoy body is filled with polystyrene or closed-cell foamed polyurethane. The metal parts of the buoys are galvanized. Thanks to a tarred chain that is passed through the center of the buoy, it is ensured to do the mooring buoys strong and steady.

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ASAKUA manufacturing the top quality roto-moulded mooring buoys for offshore mooring applications.

ASAKUA Demirleme Şamandırası


For the selection of buoy, it is necessary to asses the factors like the weight of the mooring equipment, the accessories to be installed and the required focal plane height on the water surface. Our team will be happy to answer your questions related to your needs.

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