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Aquaculture & Marine


Mussel Farm Equipment & Service Supply

Mussel Farming Buoy

Thanks to injected material of HDPE, mechancial properties of the buoys are far more grather

than any other roto-moulded plastic buoys before. Injection molding requires extreme pressure,

and therefore stronger products are the result.

ASAKUA Equipment Supplier for Mussel Farms


With experience and company heritage, allows us to sit at the intersection between design, manufacturing and the application services as total solution for mussel farming projects.

ASAKUA Equipment Supplier for Mussel Farms


As Asakua mooring consultants with experience in worldwide projects, we know that matching mooring equipment to appropriate environmental conditions has great importance.

ASAKUA Equipment Supplier for Mussel Farms


Injection moulded plastic buoys are produced as two separated parts which are welded by hot plate welding method and sealed together. By using injection moulding we able add new features to regular roto-moulded plastic buoys in market such as WATERTIGHT BODY, STRUCTURAL STRENGTH, and DURABILITY.

ASAKUA Injection Moulded Mussel Farming Buoy


We are offering inspection service for mussel farms.

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