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Aquaculture & Marine


Plastic Navigation Buoys

Navigation Buoys

Asakua offering navigation buoys with a plastic body which is the most useful and economical solution for navigation aid. By the use of UV stabilized virgin polyethylene raw material, buoys are protected from the harmful solar rays and remain robust in harsh environmental conditions.

ASAKUA Navigation Buoys


Our buoys are produced with a rotationally molded system in different dimensions, shapes, and colors according to their visibility range. The whole internal cavity of the buoy body is filled with polystyrene or closed- cell foamed polyurethane. The metal parts of the buoys are galvanized.

ASAKUA Navigation Buoys


Plastics do not corrode, this is a huge advantage over steel buoys, and eliminates a big part of the maintenance procedures, leaving only cleaning and removal of marine growth.

ASAKUA Navigation Buoys


ASAKUA Navigation Buoys manufacturing in accordance with IALA G1006 (The International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities) recommendations.

ASAKUA Navigation Buoys


ASAKUA is not just offering you the product but also commissioning service with well experience engineering team operating in filed since 2009.  

ASAKUA Navigation Buoys

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