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Aquaculture & Marine


Injection Moulded Mussel Farming Buoy


ASAKUA mussel farming buoys are specially developed and designed for mussel farming. Thanks to our injection moulded mussel farming buoy manufacturing technology which makes the buoy rupture resistant and submersible as well.

ASAKUA Mussel Farming Buoy Manufacturer


Yılların tecrübesi ve saha deneyimi ile üretimini yaptığımız şamandıralar, dünyanın farklı coğrafyalarının kendine özgü zorluklarıyla her gün test edilmeye devam ediyor.

ASAKUA Mussel Farming Buoy Manufacturer


By using injection moulding we able add new features to regular roto-moulded plastic buoys in market such as WATERTIGHT BODY, STRUCTURAL STRENGTH, and DURABILITY. 

ASAKUA Mussel Farming Buoy Manufacturer


The minimum wall thickness of our product is 12mm and due to process of injection moulding it will be maintained in each single section of parts properly. There is no gas hole as roto-moulded buoys so no need to seal it after all. There will be no leakage and no need filler materials such as eps or polyurethane which are also absorbing water after a while.

ASAKUA Mussel Farming Buoy Manufacturer


Injection moulding technique also allowed us to design totally new handles to ease rope works.Tighten or loosen a line is never been easy for plastic buoys before.

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